As an affiliate we encourage you to focus on traffic procurement. We focus on all of the content, processing, tools, stats and support your need to succeed.

  • FlexShare COMMISSION STRUCTURE The more joins you send the more $ we send!
  • BILLING CASCADES Difficult transactions can be made easy.
  • LOW PAYOUT MINIMUMS Get paid on every sale you generate.
  • HIGH CONVERTING SITES Innovative sites with award winning cam girls.
  • NATS 4.1 THE trusted Industry Standard tracking system
  • WEBMASTER REFERRALS Second tier payouts as high as 10% for LIFE!

The more joins you send, the higher your payout percentage with our FlexShare program. You start at 50% each month and each time you reach a join threshold your payout percentage is automatically increased for the rest of the month. And, it also includes any rebills you do that month. You can't lose with a deal like that. The payout thresholds are as follows:

1-100 joins = 50% 101 - 200 joins = 55%
201-300 joins = 60% 301 - 400 joins = 65%
401 - 500 joins = 67.5% 501 and above = 70%

Cascading Billing and enhanced scrubbing also allow us to authorize as many sales as possible, which is a key element to our mutual success!


Not only do you earn great money for the joins you send, with StripperCash you also earn big $ by referring other webmasters to our program. Up to a whopping 10% for LIFE! The referral payout percentages are:

1-25 referrals = 5% 26 and up = 10%